Radiesthesia, Neuro Cellular Reprogramming, treatment with crystals to reduce stress, eliminate negative energy and toxics like mercurium
My name is Alexandra, I had a childhood, adolescence and adulthood completely normal. I studied and graduated as Business Administrator at the University in Venezuela. After that, my mother and I decided to come to the United States. I was living happily with my mom, but I fell in love and started a relationship that brought me many conflicts due to problems with my partner and his mother. After some time of problems, I went back to live with my mom. It was very bad psychologically, with depression, and hallucinations. I started to go to a psychiatrist and taking medications without any improvement. We visited many sites in the United States and Venezuela, but every time I felt worse. Until my God opened the way to meet a person that makes healings, the Lady Luz Stella, I visited her and she examined me, and he performed neuro cellular reprogramming verifying that my brain is in perfect condition, my psychological illness was not real. All this nightmare was caused by the mother of my previous partner who did not want me to see me well. Luz Stella began to treat me with energy healing and natural medicines and therapies. I feel healed because I am the same Alejandra from my old times when I felt happy. I feel that I have a successful life. Following these lines, I thank my God, Luz Stella and my mother. With help, they can improve and lead successful lives.
- A -
...On New Year’s Day, I was putting away holiday decorations at the meditation center and fell off a six foot ladder breaking three ribs and four vertebrae. ...While in rehab, I injured the nerves in my arms and hands by pulling myself up using the triangle bar above my bed. Everything that was happening seemed to trigger my depression and anxiety…the worst I have ever experienced. When I was discharged to my apartment, I couldn’t sleep at night and didn’t want to get up or eat. The anxiety kept increasing, I admitted myself into the hospital and was placed in a locked psychiatric ward for three weeks. When discharged, I participated in a two week outpatient program for individuals suffering with depression and anxiety. I was kept in this program for five weeks with no results. I was desperate. I have never felt like this before. I felt like I was being tortured for the past eight months. Then everything changed in September on the Labor Day weekend. A friend had me call a women in Florida who works with individual’s energy. Stella just took my name and birthday over the phone. I do not understand what she did but she called me the next morning and told me I was okay. She discovered that I had three distinct energies living in my body. Two souls who had committed suicide and discovered they just killed their bodies and now were wandering around without a body were trying to possess me. She removed them both and I was myself again. I felt totally normal. When I saw my friends, they saw I was okay. My therapist recognized I was myself as soon as she saw me. I told all my doctors and my psychiatric nurse practitioner what happened. I don’t know if they believed me but everyone could see that I was okay. I am now more comfortable sharing this with people. Some people find it helpful to know what happened, where others may just get more confused about life.
- DH -
After suffering a severe gastritis from which you are witness I have healed. I started taking Ganoderma Black coffee a cup daily, on the third day I felt improvement and I realized that I was not suffering from gastritis anymore. I have never felt heartburn anymore and therefore my digestion improved significantly. I want to thank you for your support and know that you will continue helping many people as it has done with me. Please receive a hug and my eternal gratitude.
- MT -
Thank you so much for all the healing help you have given me over the years. I am a female almost 63 years old so my bones do not heal so quickly. I broke my 5th metatarsal in a few places one night tripping on a paver. Three weeks later and the bones had not begun to heal per Doctor and x-ray results. You put me on the Bemer for one week and gave me Bone Health vitamins and told me the broken bone would be much better when I had my next x ray. My next appointment at the five week mark showed the Doctor the bones were almost completely healed. I could wear tennis shoes instead of the boot. Even the Doctor was surprised at the quick and almost complete healing. Thank you so much for all you do!!!
- CMG -
I am 64 and have had Diabetes for 5 years. I test my glucose every morning at 7:00 AM with a true trac test kit. My sugar has been over 275 and up to 425 every day for the last three months. I started juicing 3 weeks ago but no change. Yesterday I went to Stella Yamuni and she spent an hour working on me with The Dove Scenar equipment and my sugar this morning was "166". It is like a miracle, I have a lot more energy and an overall feeling of well-being. I firmly believe that I am on my way to curing my diabetes with Stella's care. God Bless.
- GA -
Twenty-two years ago, due to smoking for many years, I started to feel pain in my left lung that forced me to go to the doctor and therefore made me to quit smoking. With fright, I began to feel the same pain recently, which led me to consult with Luz Stella. She came to the sad conclusion that actually had a problem with my left lung, but immediately presented me the equipment called Dove Scenar. When she moved the equipment over my arms and the site of the pain I began to feel a great improvement! At night, I could already sleep much better. I was still feeling some pain (I think that by the resentful of more than one week of having it), perhaps 15 to 20% of the pain I was feeling. The next day, the pain lower even more and it was very sporadic. On the third day, I almost did not have any pain, and on the fourth day, I can say that I have no sign of pain. Thank you Luz Stella, I assure you that the first thing I will do in a few days, is to buy a Dove Scenar equipment for myself and keep it handy in Colombia!
- JCh -
Please accept this as a testimonial for the great results ASEA has brought to my cat "Latika". As you may remember she was suffering from the hair loss on her buttock, tail and rear legs, known as Alopecia. I had researched some homeopathic treatments as well as some veterinarians advice and found it to be very expensive to treat and not sure of its side effects. Therefore I gave it a try as per your recommendation to spray her areas where hair had been lost with a ASEA one time a day. Within one week we noticed that the growth of hair had taken place and within one month she had grown her hair back fully. ASEA continues to reveal more n more benefits in so many areas . Thank you so very much For your support in research of such an amazing liquid product. Latika has recovered her self esteem and shows a sense of gratitude for her growth of hair.
- AA -
I am lucky to meet Luz Stella since 1995.  With her help, I was able to comprehend, how after you treat the ailment, the physical body is able to recuperate by itself.  This treatment approach is just incredible to see and understand the different areas that are part of a healthy living.   I remember I had a phobia thinking that I was going to get breast cancer.  Thanks to Luz that phobia is gone. I had candida for several years, nobody knew how to treat it, is also gone.  I have many testimonials with her, but the most important is how she was able to detect...after I told her to help me with my relationship with my mother which had deteriorated for 3 years, and after the used of the biogenesis crystals, and do blessing, my mom came back to me as she always were in a good relationship and purchased and pay in full a new home for me to live in.  I always recommend her to all my friends because I believe that the body is energy.  Thank you Luz, the Star, the Light, THE QUEEEN Mercy. 
- MD -
I met Luz Stella in November 2011. I used to be shy and introvert, had low self stem, and suffered from a lot of childhood traumas. Luz Stella spoke to me about the Neuro Cellular Reprogramming (NCR) and the possibility that the treatment would help me out with my emotional problems. Luz Stella and her treatment of NCR did miracles. Even my supervisor at work and my co-workers noticed the difference soon after the treatment was done. Now, I hold a team leader position at work and I have no problems with social interactions. My personal life has also improved tremendously. In a nutshell, I am finally able to enjoy life to the fullest.
- MMD -
I felt always very anxious and stressed out. I explained the situation to my primary doctor and she recommended me to start using anti-anxiety medications. I told her that I was going to try a natural approach first using St. John’s Wort and she agreed. I thought I was getting better with my treatment, but I started to suffer from pain on my neck and migraine headaches. I went to the neurologist and he put me on flexaril for the muscle spasms and topomax for the migraine headaches. He told me that everything was related to stress. Stella using radiesthesia, was able to find out that the cause of the problem was an accumulation of mercury in my body. Once I got rid of the mercurium using homeopathic medicine, I did not need to take any more St. John’s worth or any other anti-anxiety medication. I was also able to get rid of the pain and tension on my neck and do not need to take anymore any more medications.
- MMD -
I was working with a partner who had a very negative energy and every time that he arrived to my work area everything started to go wrong. I could not get anything accomplished. After Luz Stella did his Neuro Cellular Reprogramming my work partner started to change his attitude and things got better. We are now able to do a better job together as a team.
- MD -
I had candidiasis for two months. I had visited a lot of doctors and they could not find what was wrong. The last doctor I went did a test and gave me a prescription of flucozamide, but I was not able to get rid of the candidiasis even after the treatment. After seeing Stella and undergoing her treatment with the crystals, I was able to get rid of my candidiasis.
- ER -
I have been in contact with Stella for many years now and her support and help has been incredible. She has the great ability thru clear and precise diagnosis to truly decipher and find the cause of an effect, then to dispense exact advice on appropriate treatments. Stella has helped me over some very tricky health problems, truly a life saver!
- JR -




"Letting go is not losing, but
understanding that I can not control
others. Letting go is not attempting
to change others, but giving the 
best of myself. Letting go is not
correcting, but supporting. Letting
go is not denying, but accepting. 
Letting go is not adjusting everything
to my desires, but welcoming each
day as it comes. Letting go is not
to be careless. Letting go is to have
less fear and more love."