ORDERLIFE Dietary Supplement
It is a cellular nutrition supplement made from salts, minerals, and plant extract with combination of ingredients that provide a great antioxidant potential. With ORDERLIFE is restored the balance of the body through the ordering and nutrition at the cellular level, so taking it enhances energy and health of patients of different ailments, particularly those undergoing aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. ORDERLIFE is the result of a new way of understanding and thinking about nutrition and its impact on health, which has led to changes in paradigms and one of them is the biochemical man quantum man; Thus, disease is an energy imbalance and its causes must be sought from a holistic study of the person, who finds the whole and not the isolated parts. When a body loses its ability to maintain harmoniously functions corresponding appears disease, we understand as the disorder and this disorder is expressed in any part of the body, depending on the genetics of each individual develops a disease different and with the usual symptoms that it is able to manifest. With ORDERLIFE, you can recompose or nourish the altered energy fields (sort) by many of specific energy, and thus it is possible that biological processes can recover its normal energy levels for any activity to be carried out, thus allowing favorable conditions to recover health, restoring your order from the smallest with the purpose that the cells and molecules to optimize your memory for orderly and efficient functioning. Intensifica enormemente la biodisponibilidad de importantes trazas minerales. Some benefits of ORDERLIFE are:
  • Greatly intensify the bioavailability of important trace minerals.
  • Regenerate and prolongs the period of nutrients for the cell.
  • Cell rejuvenation.
  • Optimize the performance of athletes.
  • It promotes fertility.
  • Helps with the treatment of genetic disorders.
  • Balance the energy and power of the immune system response.
  • Increase the activity from a multitude of enzymes.