Distance energy balancing using dowsing pendulum and determination board.

Luz Stella Yamuni: A very spiritual being that focuses on using the energy to help others

Luz Stella Yamuni began her spiritual experience from an early age. Her father was the naturist doctor of the neighborhood in her hometown of Bogotá, Colombia. This made her grow up in a very spiritual and naturist atmosphere with an elevated healing consciousness. In 1987, already living in the United States, Luz Stella joined a meditation group of raja yoga known as the World Spiritual organization of Brahma Kumaris. This is an organization that recognizes the intrinsic value of all people. In 1988, during a spiritual retreat in India, Stella received a blessing from the father to be able to help other people using energy as an alternative source to perform energy balancing. At that time, she really didn't understand clearly the meaning of the blessing which was giving. She had taken courses about radiesthesia in 1982 with Dr. Wendell H. Hoffman, the author of the book "Healing with Energy" but she still did not know the power of crystals.
Luz Stella began to work with BioGenesis crystals in 1991. Before that, she attended to many BioGenesis seminars in order to become familiar on how to work with crystals, raise the energy of the body's organs, and harmonize the energy of people and places. Today, Luz Stella is dedicated to helping others, improve their health, as well as to help them restore their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance using new energy balancing techniques. Dedicated with devotion to helping others, Stella performs more than 150 treatments every month around the world. She performs long distance treatments using the energy of the BioGenesis crystals. Balancing energy using long distance treatments is based on the discoveries of quantum physics that demonstrate that energy has no time or space and can be guided by our minds to make rapid and effective self balancing. With her work, Stella has helped many people to improve their health as well as their emotional and spiritual being.




"If you are stable in the stage of
pure feelings and the feelings of
love, those same feelings will
also emerge in others. Your pure
feelings will create their feelings.
Just as one light is able to ignite
another one, in the same way
your powerful pure feelings will
easily emerge elevated pure
feelings in others."