Homeopathic medicine and vibropathic medicine to eliminate renal mercurium, coccy mercurium, arsenicum and coxackie virus
Bioexcel BioDisc
 $ 125.00
Biomat 7000 MX Professional Series 
Bioexcel BioDisc is a radical product that is made of natural minerals which are put together and technically adhered into a glass at molecular level through heat fusion. There are about 3000 Negative Ions available and this can be channeled into any liquid at the molecular level. Bioexcel BioDisc makes the water more hydrated and improves the transfer of nutrients in and out of the body cells.
  • Pour the water through any jug or flask onto the Bioexcel BioDisc, contain the water which flows through the disc and simply use to for your consumption
  • Place any cream or ointment on the BioDisc for few minutes to cure minor burns and scars or blemishes
  • Fill the BioDisc treated water into water spray and use it on your burns, scars, cuts and bruises
  • For people suffering from Asthma, heat the BioDisc water and breathe in the water vapor or steam. It will harmonize and balance the body,it will act as anti-oxidant, enhance blood circulation.
Bioexcel BioDisc Counterclock LED Light - 120 Lumen
 $ 200.00
Biomat 7000 MX Professional Series 
It comes with 7 High Powered LED Lights 120 Lumens and runs counter-clockwise as this is vital for the enhancement of Scalar Energy from your BioDisc and this is how it creates the positive energy wave which will rejuvenate and activate the slow moving and inactive cells in our body and cells will start functioning better and will absorb nutrients and water in a much better way than before due to right frequency. This Package contains Counterclock LED light 120 lumens and will work with any standard BioDisc (bought separate). It serves to enhance scalar energy to heal your muscles and treat your body. 220-110 V converter included
  • Bioexcel Counterclock LED light creates the positive energy wave which will rejuvenate and activate the slow moving and inactive cells in our body and cells will start functioning better and will absorb nutrients and water in a much better way than before due to right frequency
  • Neutralizes body's acidic substances
  • Regulates gastrointestinal functions
  • Helps with diabetes and high blood pressure
8-Sided Pyramid
$ 204.00
Now $ 183.60
Hanna Kroeger CircuFlow
The 8-Sided Pyramid enlivens the connection with Celestial Realms of Light and brings greater energy, happiness and success.
$ 143.00
Now $ 128.70
Hannna Kroeger Aloe Vera 
The BioAmplifier amplifies other BioGenesis Tools & Wheels, as well as supports the removal of impurities from one's body.
BioGenesis Pyramid: Multi Colored
$ 210.00
Now $ 189.00
Hanna Kroeger Cyt
The BioGenesis Pyramid is the foundation stone of BioGenesis. The BioGenesis Pyramid is the best teacher; it educates the environment, it restores harmony.
$ 415.00
Now $ 373.50
Hanna Kroeger Brain Care Blend
BioOscillator supports the removal of toxins from persons, animals and the environment, supports the removal of infection from the body, and strengthens the body. It removes negativity stored up over centuries within people.
$ 143.00
Now $ 128.70
Hanna Kroeger Candida Formula #1
The BioTranslator helps desires come into being. It translates desires into a sequence code that is readily received and acted upon by the forces of creation responsible for acting upon those desires.
$ 136.00
Now $ 122.40
Hanna Kroeger Candida Formula #2
BioTrinity is a holy symbol worn and carried by Masters from many Traditions, many backgrounds. BioTrinity enlivens the Three Great Rays: the Ray of Knowledge, the Ray of Love and the Ray of Purity. There are 4 biotrinities: aqua, first rays, green, and light violet.
Flame of Genesis
$ 209.00
Now $ 167.20
Hanna Kroeger Turmeric
The Flame of Genesis directs and focuses the Light of Genesis. It supports healing in numerous ways. Some of the many relevant uses for the Flame of Genesis include: physical trauma; degenerative conditions, such as arthritis; and non-functioning organs.
Wheel of Hope
$ 164.00
Now $ 147.60
Hanna Kroeger Polarity Balancer 

Use Wheel of Hope in a BioGenesis session or wear it, sleep with it under your pillow, place it next to the Shield of Genesis or place it under your doormat to purify the intent of all who enter your home or office.

Wings of Genesis
$ 125.00
Now $ 112.50
Hanna Kroeger Serenity
The Wings of Genesis may be used as support in addressing the misdirected growth of cells, as well as addictions.

Wheel of Genesis
$ 2,880.00
Now $ 2,592.00
Hanna Kroeger Women's Gold 

The Wheels of Genesis open the doors of BioGenesis to all areas of your life: physical; emotional; mental/intellectual; spiritual; and general day-to-day aspects, such as financial prosperity. Each Wheel of Genesis contains the Genesis Energy, just as do the BioGenesis Tools. However, because of the shape, size, design and colors of the Wheels, they also contain an additional aspect: the influence of the Great Celestial Sphere. This allows the Wheels of Genesis to gently push one's life for greater health, address a physical, mental or emotional issue, or bring harmonious relations, a stronger sense of direction and destiny, or greater affluence.

Genesis Pendant
$ 36.00
Now $ 32.40
Hanna Kroeger Female Balance
The Genesis Pendant is the beacon signal for the Light of Genesis, radiating out into the environment, sending out the message, "Come! Enjoy the Light of BioGenesis!"

Shield of Genesis
$ 158.00
Now $ 142.20
Hanna Kroeger 81.1-16 Renal Mercurium Vibropathic 

The Shield of Genesis helps bring protection from negativity and disease. The Shield of Genesis acts as your "bodyguard."

Wand of Genesis
$ 171.00
Now $ 153.90
Hanna Kroeger Coxsackie, Coxsacata Vibropathic
The Wand of Genesis redirects currents of energy and removes voids of energy, whether they are in a person or in one's environment. Voids of energy act as physical roadblocks to all that is guided by the currents of energy. If you are trying to accomplish a task, and yet it seems that you keep running into roadblocks, try using the Wand to clear the path.
The Pocket Seal of Genesis
$ 295.00
Now $ 265.00
Hanna Kroeger Coxsackie, Coxsacata Vibropathic
The Pocket Seal  Enlivens many aspects of relationships. It draws the individual who wears it to those persons with whom one will have beneficial relationships, whether it is a relationship of love, an enduring friendship, a business partnership, or any other important relationship of a different nature. "It is a receiver of the Impulses of Light generated by our blessed Great Seal. It connects the individual with the Blessed Stream of Love which permeates every Realm of Creation and carries all in the direction of our Blessed Almighty Source, the Brilliant Radiance of Eternal Light. This attracts the elements and forces which support progress. It draws to the individual the Pure Value of Relationship, that Gem of All Life, the Value of Love." Ask for what you need by holding the pocket seal on your left hand and the BioTranslator on your right hand.