LifeShield Laser
LifeShield Laser is a breakthrough technology which provides a unique blend of body balancing frequencies engineered specifically to relieve pain and promote health. The LifeShield Laser usually produces results within minutes, is completely painless, and is small enough to easily carry in your pocket or purse. We at LifeShield Laser have developed an AMAZING PROPRIETARY RECIPE of over 2200 beneficial cell optimizing frequencies derived from natural, organic, and herbal sources. Our blend of frequencies has multiple benefits for all living things — plants and animals. Frequencies are the key to health and healing. On a subatomic level everything is energy, resonating at specific frequencies. As scientific research has already proven, specific positive frequency patterns stimulate cells and enhance their innate capabilities. In other words, just as negative frequencies e.g. microwave or cell phone frequencies can harm living things, other frequencies, such as those delivered via the LifeShield Laser are extremely beneficial. Our philosophy at LifeShield Laser is not only to provide affordable and effective pain management, but to act as a defense against the environmental dangers we encounter every day. Utilizing the genius of Nikola Tesla, we are able to use the laser as a delivery system for these positive beneficial frequencies.